Astral Knowledge Services Private Limited manages the daily operations for entrepreneurs, carriers, MNO’s, MVNO’s and corporates from different service domains. We provide Network Operations Solutions and managed Telecom service provider. We support, engage, and outperform on our client requirements which vary from supporting network operations of telecom companies/carriers, to managing financial accounting, data analysis tasks for companies based anywhere in the world.
We organize your work to make it more relevant and cost effective. We care to provide that difference. From the very outset, we have imbibed and internalized the finer nuance of this complex technology, its ramification and immense power. In a host of areas, we have given the concept of a fresh momentum and added innovative applications. Our solutions are built on vast experience, processes, systems, and tools – all developed and proven over time. Our fully customizable suite of services is provided with competent technical personnel to assist you to run your Service operations or Enterprise networks. We provide remote network element surveillance and support.

We aim to decrease your operating expenses by leveraging our world-class NOC as well as support services. Our setup is dedicated to provide superior client support which is essentially needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Having worked with many leading companies, we have amassed a treasure case of technology and customer support tools to exceed client expectations. Our services aim to dedicate its experienced resources by leveraging world-class work-mechanics at 50% of your current costs. Managed by Professionals, we are the best to perhaps none in this space.